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Manage your projects with ProgressPro

The Gantt Chart - ProgressPro: The only Gantt chart you'll ever need


ProgressPro - Excel Gantt Chart

ProgressPro is the high-value solution for anyone looking to manage a project effectively. Utilising Microsoft Excel you no longer require expensive PM software to navigate the complexities of your project.​


Features include:​

  • Planning Gantt

  • Live project tracking Gantt

  • Resource allocation

  • Costing/budgeting

  • Non-working time and holiday calendar

  • Critical path analysis

  • Multilevel summary/subtasks

  • Task start & finish times accurate to the minute

  • Task filtering and sorting

  • 22 different colour schemes

  • Flexible Gantt timescale


9 Vinnetrow Road, Runcton, Chichester, UK

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